Letter: Thanks for the helping hand

Editor: On Friday, Feb. 3, I was driving home up 200 Street after the last major snowfall.

The roads had not been plowed or salted and it was very treacherous, but two people — one of whom I think was a bus driver — were kind enough to help push my car up the hill.

I did not get the opportunity to stop my car and to thank them as it was just too dangerous that night, but I do want to truly thank both those people that helped push my car up the hill, because without their help I would never have made it home that night.

I am hoping that one day I could meet those two people again and to show my gratitude to them, as it just goes to show you that there really are kind people left in this world.

I am also truly sorry I have left it this long to say a really big thank you to both of you, who were also helping other cars get up the hill that night.

It could have been a very dangerous situation if not for those two doing such a wonderful thing to make sure people got home safely.

Thank you so much, whoever you two people were.

Rob MacPherson,

Walnut Grove