Letter: Thanks to City for 203 Street improvements

Editor: I have seen a fair bit of criticism regarding the newly constructed sidewalk/bike path/road on 203 Street.

I would like to point out the positive aspects from my point of view, as I use that stretch of road daily.

1.The entire stretch of road looks so much nicer. The sidewalks can now be navigated by two people walking side by side while parents with strollers and kids don’t have to navigate around obstructing telephone poles on a very narrow path.

It’s now an absolute pleasure to walk on.

2.There is plenty of room for a bike to be ridden, despite the remaining poles. We live in a city, there are going to be poles.

3.The new lighting is already a huge difference at night and will be especially appreciated by those of us who daily walk home from work on dark winter’s nights.

4.The road is wide enough. If the numerous emergency vehicles can do it, then so can we. If traffic flow is held up by first responders doing their job saving lives, so what.

5.There was opportunity to voice opinions early in the process and there is always access to the City via phone, mail and email. They’ve always responded quickly to me.

6. Drivers who open car doors, or pull out into the road without checking first, or who allow their dogs on long leashes, well, that can hardly be blamed on the city. Have you tried “Yell or Bell” as a warning, as the signs advise?

Speaking of people getting in the way of cyclists, have you tried to cycle on the sea wall in Stanley Park lately?

It’s not perfect and there are potential problems, but please keep in mind that it is a 100 per cent residential area and we all need to take responsibility for our own actions.

Pedestrians need to pay attention, as do cyclists and dog owners. Drivers need to slow down and learn how to use a roundabout instead of charging through it at speed.

If you are in that big a hurry use 200 or 208 Street. I see more people out enjoying walks and cycling and it seems to me that once the change becomes the new normal, the complaining will stop.

I certainly hope so. Thank you, City of Langley, for improving my neck of the woods.

Alison Philpott,