Letter: Township should take a closer look at Tara Farm tree felling

Editor: I am writing this letter in response to the Tara Farms tree felling that is currently underway. I would have to strongly agree with other concerned residents that the tree felling in this area is stopped and the remaining standing trees are preserved.

This area of land has been recommended to be preserved since 1993 by WestWater Research Center, and to hear that the Township has done nothing to make this happen is very disturbing.

I don’t feel that the impact of the removal of these trees has been considered for this area.

By removing these trees we are displacing wildlife that is using this site as refuge along with reducing their connectivity to the surrounding corridors.

The amount of water that this area is infiltrating back into the soil will soon become runoff in an area where aquifer recharge is already a concerning issue for the Township.

I would hope that the Township would put a stop-work order on this site and have it re-evaluated before any further work is to continue.

Glen Schaafsma,

KPU Urban Ecosystems Student