Letter: Township’s ‘FireMedics’ a waste of tax dollars

Editor: I would very much like to ask if Coun. Kim Richter cares about the rest of the taxpayers, or only some of them?

Does she think a 3.99 per cent hike is fair for an average house?

Year after year, we get taxed to death, in a place where development is gone through the roof (with) permit money and new taxes pouring in.

Where does all this money go?

If the Township keeps hiring firefighters like they do, we will go broke.

Do they consider it good management to have a fire crew of four attending a simple traffic accident? (It’s a) blatant waste of taxpayer money.

What is the reason for the firefighters to attend over 2,500 medical calls?

Maybe it is time we ripped up the first responder “agreement” and start thinking about ways to do things cost-effectively?

Isn’t it economically better for the taxpayer to have more ambulances and paramedics?

Isn’t it cheaper to run an ambulance station than a fire station?

We do not need Gregor Robertson’s “FireMedics.”

What we need is firefighters to fight fires and paramedics to provide medical assistance.

For traffic accidents, it could be a smaller response of one person, and if we need the firefighters, call them.

It is a major waste of money to have four people that make over $100,000 a year directing traffic.

It is time for all of the councillors and the mayor to think “smart management,” with the taxpayer in mind, and start looking after the taxpayers’ money, not wasting it. It’s time to say no to the firefighters’ PR machine, and their donations.

We are not all turkeys, Mr. Mayor. We, the taxpayers, will not forget come next election.

(It’s) time for a change (in) your way of thinking, or for the taxpayer to vote you out.

George Blachuras,