Letter: Traffic safety near schools should be a priority in all areas of Langley

Editor: Re: Not a case of if, but when, a child will be struck on 216 Street (the Times, June 21).

It seems the militant, aggressive group from Walnut Grove doesn’t stop in their propaganda war with the TOL and their proposals regarding 216 Street as a truck route.

The behaviour of the placard-carrying group at the recent open house sponsored by the TOL was aggressive and negative towards the staff and attendees of the open house.

The presumption, that everyone thinks as they do, is not true.

They now presume that a truck route on 216 st is going to cause a child’s death. There are many areas of the TOL with busy intersections — often near a school — such as 208 Street and 80 Avenue, 54 Avenue and 200 Street, and 44 Avenue and 200 Street.

Of course, no one wants any injury to anyone in a traffic incident.

It is up to parents and caregivers to insure that traffic safety and awareness be taught and practised in all areas of the TOL.

To suggest that one area may be more dangerous or (likely to) cause a death than another area is presumptuous and a very negative suggestion.

Let’s focus on traffic safety in all areas of the Township and have lights and crosswalks appropriately installed at busy intersections.

G. Lambert,