Letter: Truckers likely to make good use 216 Street north

Editor: While it is clear that the 216 Street interchange is near unstoppable now, what is not clear is just how many trucks are going to start using 216 Street between Highway 1 and 96 Avenue once the interchange opens.

The Township has said it is unlikely many will use 216 Street as 200 Street is more direct.

Greg Kolesniak from the BC Trucking Association is advocating for the truck route to expand to encompass 216 Street from Highway 1 to 96th, and that the trucking industry will find great relief as 200 and 232 Streets are supposedly already too congested with trucks.

That indicates to me that the trucking industry is planning on using 216 Street as a major trucking thoroughfare, past two elementary schools and within feet of the front doors of many residences up and down the street, despite what the Township says or wants.

If the Township allows this, 216 Street will be an exhibit of a complete failure in urban community planning.

Sure, business will thrive, but families and the community who have been here for years will suffer.  If the interchange must come, so be it.

Allowing unfettered trucking access and creating a major trucking thoroughfare will change the character of the community for the worse.

The BCTA itself indicates the industry plans to take full advantage.

This is the aspect of the project that concerns my family the most.

John Wollenzin,

Walnut Grove