Letter: Vegan option something for all Fork and Finger participants to shoot for

Editor: I would like to echo Maha Kali’s sentiment (the Times, Aug. 30) on having plant-based options at the “Fork and Finger” event.

My husband and I also decided to forgo this event every year because of the lack of vegan options.

Plant-based fare is a trend that has already taken off in Europe and other parts of the world.

And it’s one that is here to stay because of ethics and environmental concerns, including climate change.

May I suggest that progressive chefs consider offering more vegan options at their establishments on the menu—it’s an inclusive step because vegan, vegetarians, and omnivores can all eat a vegan meal.

Perhaps next year, all participating eateries would have a vegan option.

Dr. Patricia Tallman

Environmental and Food Policy Consultant