Letter: Walnut Grove neighbourhoodvictim of truck route ‘discrimination,’ says resident

Editor: I am writing to you regarding discrimination in Langley.

Our Township did a study which concluded that, “noise from trucks may be disruptive to residents and in turn affect their quality of life.”

Somehow this study has justified our mayor and council to move truck routes out of Fort Langley.

However, moving heavy trucks to Walnut Grove does not solve anything. In fact, it creates an much worse situation.

216 Street in Walnut Grove has many more homes that will be affected. There are two elementary schools and a preschool. So if our local government has their way we will have semis travelling at full speed within 25 feet of numerous residences, schools and playgrounds.

I ask you, why the community of Walnut Grove is not being given the same consideration and respect as Fort Langley?

This is outright discrimination and a violation of human rights.

Eugene Nelson,