Letter: Will new immigrants live up to example set by those who came before them?

Editor: Though I don’t agree with President Trump’s outright ban of any one ethnic group going into the USA, I do believe we need to stem the flood of claimed refugees that are coming into all nations.

Allowing thousands of immigrants into any country without proper screening protocols and check-points, becomes dangerous for the people who are already here and is unfair to the many legal immigrants that did their due diligence and followed the legal process to enter the country.

It’s unsettling to think that we may have allowed people who may be linked to terrorist activity from their own country, to come in to exploit or harm us.

The majority of the people that arrived in Canada were families that were looking for a new start, and have shown they are sincere in wanting to build a new life.

You can’t paint everyone with the same brush; but it does makes you aware that we really don’t know who came in.

Only time will tell.

Immigrants built Canada and the USA and many of them that came were fleeing war, poverty and wanting a fresh start.

Starting in the late 1800s, many immigrants of all class entered Canada and the USA to start a new life.

Many were poor farmers looking to the New World and a new beginning from their home countries, for numerous reasons.

Both my father’s and mother’s parents were amongst those first immigrants landing in Canada, and an aunt and uncle went through Ellis Island and became American citizens.

All of them started families that built our nations and even sent their children to fight during the Second World War.

Most of my uncles answered that call and served proudly in honour of their new homelands.

My Canadian uncles served next to my American uncles.

Whether or not the new immigrants and their children would answer that call today, would make you wonder.

I just hope that if the call ever went out for men and women to protect our country in an act of war or a call for protection, they too would step up and defend their new home and countrymen.

Again, I guess only time will tell.

It’s up to us who are already here to embrace our new neighbors. Get to know and understand them. The more they feel this is their new home, the more they feel they are welcome and they are given that new lease on life, the more open they will be to adapting and will strive for unity.

Sandra Steffan,