Letter writer witnessed no bullying at meeting

Editor: I am writing re: your article claiming that the TOL staff was bullied.

I attended for several hours and did not witness any bullying or name calling.

There is a difference between bullying and protesting.

Bullying implies threats or force of which there was none.

I did not witness any aggression towards people entering the building, just two seniors gathering signatures for a petition.

I never saw Councillor Quaale.

The overwhelming feeling was, where is our mayor?

We came to engage with him so why send staff that has no decision making capabilities?

The engineer who looked sick was suffering from back pain, whereby some kind attendees got him a chair and some water.

A Township study stated that, “noise from trucks would disrupt residents lives and affect their quality of life.”

This referred to Fort Langley.

Why is Walnut Grove not being given the same consideration and respect?

I am disappointed that you would publish the results of the Trinity Consultants, “ the project is not expected to result in significant air quality impacts due to near roadway proximity.”

This is a very inaccurate statement. You did not point out that this study was done nowhere near 216 Street by the schools, but right by Highway 1.

The “propaganda” that was handed out was: 1. a document outlining why a truck route was a poor idea and alternative solutions.

2. Develop with Care Guidelines created by the Ministry of the Environment with tax payer dollars.

3. A letter from Dr. Chris Carlsten who is a tenured and endowed professor and world renowned health expert re health and traffic related air pollution whereby he states that this project is a threat to health.

4. Drawings of the original plan for 216 showing the 800 foot buffer zone to protect people from air and noise pollution and keep the school children safe.

To conclude, it is time for the elected officials to truly engage with the people.

Allowing a truck route within 25 feet of homes and schools is not sustainable development.

This is 2017 and time for people to move forward in a positive way, to honour health and safety by working together for the greater good.

Linda Nash,