Letters: Readers have plenty to say about planned Cruise-In move

News that the Langley Good Times Cruise-In is planning to leave downtown Langley City for Aldergrove has generated plenty of response among readers:

Editor: I have exhibited my car at the Cruise-In for the last five years and have loved being in Langley and a part of a fantastic event. I am disappointed that the City wants to take funds that would otherwise go to charities.

I think that it would be great if the City agreed to be a full partner in this event but if not I would be happy to see what Aldergrove has to offer.

Fred Partridge,


We have been going to this show for what seems like forever. We spend all day in Downtown Langley (three meals) enjoying the cars and the people. I am now officially “sick and tired” of Langley whining and complaining.

I am the president of the Pacific Performance Pontiac Car Club and as a club we always attend this show with between 10 – 15 cars and families.

We will go to the Langley Cruise In, wherever it is. We now have no reason to ever spend any time or money in downtown Langley.

Terry Beale,


We have entered the Cruise-In every year, even the year it rained, and loved every bit of it. It’s too bad Langley doesn’t want to do it anymore, but we are in favour of Aldergrove hosting it.

The Keillor family,


I see the City trying to make money off of the car show. Does anyone know how much money the Cruise-In brings to the area? I have had cars in the show, just gone to see other cars and will either buy breakfast and possibly lunch or both. I would not usually go there just for something to eat. Move the show and my money leaves with it.

Dave Gagnaux,


I’ve attended this wonderful charitable organization’s events almost ever since it was initiated. I have always looked forward to participating and having the opportunity of meeting many old buddies, along with hundreds of interested and curious spectators. Breakfast, lunch and in-between snacks at the local restaurants were always a pleasure.

Without a doubt, it was the occasion that I looked forward to, on a par with Christmas and family birthdays. To be faced with the possibility that we are losing the Cruise-In is heartbreaking. If the City of Langley does not want us, by all means let’s pack up and move on to Aldergrove.

René Doyharçabal,


I just wanted to say how disappointed I am that Langley has decided not to go ahead with the Langley Cruise-In this year.

I thought this was such a great family day. Everyone enjoyed the show. I understand it may move to Aldergrove, but that is farther away, and I’m not sure how many people would enjoy that as much. Langley was a popular destination for the show, with lots of room for the show, and lots of room for parking for everyone else.

I looked forward to having my car in the show in the Douglas Park area. It was closed off to hands touching the car.

Andrea Bonneteau,