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Answers to question readily available

Editor: Re:Diana Sampson’s letter headlined “Question for Warawa,” (The Times, April 27).

Reading this letter, I became frustrated by Sampson’s apparent lack of effort to gain the answers to her own question. If she really wants to know what he has done, she should spend a few minutes of research to find the answers.

Reading her comments prompted me to do an Internet Google search, and in less than five minutes, I found video after video of Warawa standing up in Parliament, talking about Langley, talking about national issues and talking global issues.

Whether you agree with Warawa’s views or the views of the Conservative Party, it does not negate the fact that he is doing his job representing Langley. Sticking your head in the sand claiming he isn’t doing anything (or anything you think is important) doesn’t mean he is not representing other residents of Langley.

When I read her letter, without trying too hard I came up with two things that I have taken notice of, things that Warawa has done that proved his concern for Langley residents.

I am not a member of any political party, nor had I met Warawa prior to a year ago. Last spring, my family and I opened a business here in Langley. Someone suggested that we invite Warawa to help us celebrate this momentive day in our lives.

Why would someone who lives in Ottawa during the week and flies home to Langley on the weekends want to spend his time off coming to the grand opening of our little business?

We called his office anyways and he accepted our invitation to cut the cake. I had not met him prior to that day, but was very impressed that our representative on the national stage took the time to do that.

Does doing that appearance change Langley? No. Does it show how our local MP gets involved in the local affairs of his riding? Yes.

At least twice, Warawa has stood up in Parliament and promoted the musical talents of two Langley schools. One I attended as a child, and one my children attend now.

Is doing such a thing changing the Langley in which we live? No. But does it show to me personally how my representative is paying attention to his riding? Yes.

My decision to vote for one candidate over another is not based on what I don’t know. It is based on what I do know.  And when I don’t the answers to questions I have, I research it.  Today’s technology makes it easy to get the answers we want, but it can’t motivate us to make the effort.  If you want answers, look for them.

Am I voting for Warawa because I think he is a good politician? Partially. Am I voting for Warawa because he makes an effort to connect with his local residents? Partially.

Am I voting for Warawa because he is a Conservative party member? Partially. Am I voting for Warawa because I have seen evidence of him representing Langley and representing some of my national and global concerns in the House of Commons? Absolutely. That is what I want him to do.

Misty Van Popta,

Fort Langley

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