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Hunting and fishing great family activities

Editor: I am totally amazed and offended by the statements and assumptions made by Mike Harvey (The Times, Dec. 14). Obviously he has had no experience with and therefore no knowledge of any of the outdoor pursuits to which the bumper sticker was referring to.

Anyone who does have experience in these areas knows that they are learned skills that are most often passed from parent to child during a family outing. I think that we can all agree that a child who spends more time engaged in activities with his or her family is a better, more well-adjusted member of society in the end.

I personally have been hunting and fishing since I was a youngster, with my father and other family members by my side. I have enjoyed many unforgettable times.

Strong bonds were formed and lessons learned as we pursued our quarry. It was never about inflicting pain or killing for fun. Quality table fare was our ultimate goal. I learned to respect nature and everything in it.

 We are hunter-gatherers, and always have been since the beginning of time. Sure times have changed, and some prefer to buy meat and fish from the store. But somebody killed that animal. Just because you didn’t do it doesn’t mean you’re not in some way responsible for its death.

I believe that it is far more cruel to keep an otherwise wild animal in an enclosure for its entire life before trucking it off to a mass slaughter than it is to go into the wild and harvest an animal that has truly lived.

This all may sound pretty corny to you but it is what I truly believe and I am not alone.

The fact that Harvey believes that me, my father or my son would be the most likely people in the area to mug you is absolutely absurd and only further shows how ignorant he is.

The phrase “Kids who hunt, trap and fish don’t mug little old ladies” is a little on the redneck side, I do agree. Kids who spend more time with family are better kids.

Murray Lipp,


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