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Vandals showed a minimum of tolerance

This display along Fraser Highway at 188 Street in Surrey was destroyed by vandals on Sunday. It was set up as part of a campaign to bring in some type of abortion law. - Contributed photo
This display along Fraser Highway at 188 Street in Surrey was destroyed by vandals on Sunday. It was set up as part of a campaign to bring in some type of abortion law.
— image credit: Contributed photo

Editor: Our Canadian society likes to pride itself on being tolerant. In fact there is much emphasis on teaching and preaching the creed of toleration.

But are we really tolerant? A few weeks ago, a group of citizens set up a roadside memorial at 188 Street and Fraser Highway in Surrey, with crosses indicating the number of unborn babies that are killed every year.

On Sunday, Sept. 30, that display was destroyed by vandals. Was that very tolerant? If there had been a memorial for someone else who had died and it was destroyed, there would be outcry. The same goes for those who vandalize gravestones. If in fact we are such a tolerant society, where is the outcry?

Just last week (Thursday), there was a vote in Parliament for motion 312, which would establish a committee to look into the 400-year-old law that says a baby isn’t human until complete birth.

Despite having a “free vote” of conscience in parliament, there is a now a huge outcry for Status of Women Minister Rona Ambrose’s job, because she dared to vote in favour. Where is the tolerance for her position?

Where is the outcry from the feminists that Ambrose is being discriminated against? Shouldn’t they stand up and applaud the fact that she has the right to vote how she sees fit? Oh wait, that’s only if it agrees with their agenda. How tolerant is that?

If we can’t even have a discussion of this issue without violence, name-calling and screaming for resignations, what kind of democracy are we living in? Or are we only tolerant of those who think our way? Isn’t that the opposite of the meaning of tolerant?

The issue of abortion is not going away. It has not been decided. In fact, the Supreme Court of Canada gave Parliament the job to make legislation in the 1980s, and ever since, MPs have been too scared to do anything about it. It is a huge injustice in Canada that there is absolutely no protection for the unborn.

The strength of a nation is shown in how it treats its most vulnerable citizens. Canada comes up lacking.

We live in a society that just destroys anything it doesn’t like, whether it be a roadside memorial or even an unborn child.

When every science text book talks about the beginning of human life at conception, and with ultrasounds and technology showing us pictures of the obviously human child growing, I find it atrocious that we still want to turn a blind eye.

Deep down, everyone knows the truth and it’s time to stand up for it. I just wonder, how tolerated will I be, for writing this letter?

Ang de Boer,


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