Letters to the Editor

We don't need oil or transportation

Editor: Let’s stop all the oil companies from digging up the tar sands for oil, and drilling wells and pumping it out of the ground.

We sure don’t need all the stuff that is made from that dirty oil.

Who needs cars, planes and ships that run on that dirty oil? We don’t need all the things that ships and trucks and trains bring us to use and eat.

We can walk to wherever we need to go.  We need the exercise anyway.

We do not need all those high-paying jobs that oil and coal and other polluting minerals produce.

We will not need mechanics or operators, electricians or construction jobs or any other jobs that depend on dirty oil.

We should eat food that is grown within walking distance anyway.

We sure don’t need all those life-saving machines that keep so many people from dying. There are too many people on Earth, anyway.

Just think how nice it would be if the world did not have any oil at all.

Hey, the natives who lived in Canada had a good life for many years before oil was used. We can all go back to being hunters and gatherers again, like our ancestors.

Those people in Kitimat who don’t want any oil or gas coming to their town, they can work at McDonald’s and such employers for minimum wages. Give the high-paying jobs to the new people who will come to town to work in the industry.

When the townspeople whine and complain, we will turn a deaf ear to them.

I wonder if those people who are so against ships travelling along our coast, actually work on the coast? Do they make their living on the coast or do they just sit around coffee shops and have nothing better to do but talk and socialize?

Years ago, we used to say “work gets in the way of some people’s social life. That’s why they won’t work.”

There is always some risk in progress for a nation. What would the unemployment rate be in Canada if it were not for the mining and oil industries? We would be in a depression in Canada.

Do you want to go back to the Dirty 30s? Most people have never lived through times like those.

Dean Johnson,


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