Brydon area resident Maggie Taylor isn’t happy with the way blackberry bushes along the lagoon’s pathway have been hacked back, saying the result looks like a tornado touched down.

Letter: Brydon Lagoon path like aftermath of a tornado

Editor: The first week of August, I returned to Langley after spending a month out of the province.

Upon my return, I ventured down to Brydon Lagoon, as I do often, because I live close by and always enjoy visiting the herons, bullfrogs, eagles and the great variety of birds, ducks and geese — both the resident ones and seasonal visitors.

When I approached the pond by the road, I could see right into the water before crossing the little wooden bridge onto the trail.

It was wide open, the blackberry bushes, trees and shrubs — where the birds used to gather, always singing — were gone.

We would toss some birdseed right into the bushes and try to keep the ducks from eating their share.

The whole area and all around the lagoon looked like it had been hit by a tornado, bushes destroyed, branches everywhere, not trimmed but chopped and hacked and left in heaps.

I am sure it would be treacherous for walking dogs and children, with the thorns all over the path and some hanging around our face.

That was a few weeks ago and it still remains the same and has not been cleaned up.

At the entrance to the pond where the ducks will come out of the water there was a broken tree. It was chopped down and most of the branches ended up in the water, sticking up, making it hard for the ducks to manoeuvre to come when being fed.

Last week, to make things worse and more barren looking, all the stairways that residents had put in so they could have access to the pond, were  taken out so now there is even more wide open spaces.  Just dirt, no green.

I think the whole lagoon looks terrible.

I am certainly saddened by the whole mess.

Maggie Taylor,


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