Letter: Guns are like a drug to America’s government

Editor: I don’t know where to begin with respect to the latest school shooting in the United States, that took place a few days ago down in Florida.

They – America – have lost their minds. They’re sacrificing their children – repeatedly – for some 200-year-old, antiquated need to have everyone armed to the teeth.

It is like trying to talk to a person when they’re strung-out on drugs. They babble on incoherently, saying the most disconnected, illogical and indefensible things, all while swearing that these flights of fancy are real. Their commitment to their apparition is unwavering. Yet, we all know that it is the drug, not the person speaking.

The drug has taken a hold of them in a way where they remain unaware of its grip or even its presence. I see the current American leadership’s view of guns as possessing a similar drug-induced effect.

Admittedly, money is a key part of this equation, as it cannot be overstated that the loss of so many young people would, under normal circumstances, never be tolerated. But in the case of guns, the loss of so many innocent youngsters seems to have no effect on the country’s leadership or those having firm hold of the country’s lobbying infrastructure.

Surely no nation, its leadership or its powerful and organized lobbying superstructure would put the ill-gotten profits of such an outrageous income stream ahead of their children’s lives, or their safety and security. Ye this is exactly what our neighbours seem fixated upon doing.

How can the loss of so many be so coldly calculated as inconsequential? How can any nation, irrelevant of its political leanings or economic acumen, permit this sort of persistent and escalating horrendousness to continue?

From my outside perspective, I see a nation that’s lost its way. I see a nation so hell-bent on emphasizing the differences between themselves that they are willing to entrench and never compromise in an effort to prevent the other side from having the slightest opportunity to achieve anything.

Their current political pettiness has so permeated the American psyche, it has suspended that nation’s sense of right and wrong to such an extent that it has now turned out to be more acceptable to lose a few members of the younger generations than to give an inch in a national effort to fix a problem that is negatively impacting them all.

This behaviour is psychotic.

It may be well and good that the Americans have forever changed the border relationship that used to exist between the United States and Canada. It seems to me that if things don’t soon change in America for the better that Canada will have to defend its borders in a concerted effort to keep the psychotic behaviours growing and festering to our south from taking root here.

Stephen Ross


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