Letter: Tree removal argument doesn’t hold water

Editor: A few weeks ago I wrote to you and expressed my sentiments regarding the defeat of an interim tree bylaw by Langley Township council.

I had thrown in my “two-bits worth” and thought that would be it.

However, G. Lambert’s April 25 letter has inspired me again. Maybe an healthy argument is good for a senior’s brain cells — mine I hope.

G. Lambert presents themselves in the guise of a tree ‘respecter,’ but is willing to forgo their integrity in this regard for the convenience of a presumably hypothetical family who wish to make a ‘play space’ for the children. Sounds like ‘the modern family.’

Their first problem according to G. Lambert is a tight budget.

Well, if the trees are under a certain diameter they won’t have to worry anyway and it can be a do-it-yourself weekend project. They can dig up the small stumps and roots and head down to Canadian Tire for the ‘swing-set’ special.

On the other hand if these are mature trees, maybe even native to the area, it’s quite another story.

Are they ‘best of friends’ with the operator of a tree falling outfit who will perform this operation free of charge?

Normally, this would add up to big bucks and they can barely afford the arborist report and a removal permit.

And now they’re left with big stumps and root systems that won’t even allow for a nice garden.

I might respectfully suggest that G. Lambert come up with a better disguise as a tree removal advocate in order to fool me and many others wishing to protect our neighbourhoods and the environment.

A forested property is a delightful place for children to play and explore, I know from personal experience.

Unless mature trees are diseased or posing danger to persons, they should be left undisturbed for the enjoyment by all, close up and from a distance. But trees do certainly get in the way of redevelopment and the attached financial profit.

Sorry, G. Lambert, try again.

Gordie Wiens,


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